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Elevate Your Digital Experience with Our Strategic Partnerships
Leveraging each other’s expertise, resources, and networks, together we can navigate the complexities of modern markets more efficiently and forge paths to mutual success for our customers.

Dedicated to collaboration...

In an era where collaboration is key to innovation and growth, business partnerships stand as pivotal cornerstones for achieving strategic objectives and expanding market reach. TKI has created alliances, with strategic partners having complementary strengths and aligned visions to unlock a plethora of opportunities ranging from enhanced product offerings to broader customer engagement and shared technological advancements. 

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Hybrid ConsulTech

Hybrid ConsulTech

Hybrid Consultech brought a unique perspective and strategic value to by leveraging their many years of multidiscipline USA business expertise and EU networks. The partnership between Hybrid ConsultTech and TKI offers the ability to offer digital transformation partnerships in the US and abroad.



Nahan is a full-service, direct marketing solutions provider serving the needs of marketers across industries. Nahan’s fully integrated solution includes strategy, test design, data and list procurement, predictive analytics, creative development, and response analysis, in addition to print production, mailing, fulfillment, and logistics. Together, Nahan and TKI develop custom solutions that enhance your direct mail program and deliver improved return on investment.

Why Partner with TKI?

Our strategic partnerships are more than just a list of industry-leading names; they signify our commitment to harnessing the best technology to propel your business forward. Here's why partnering with us gives you a competitive edge:
  • Broad Expertise - Our in-depth knowledge across these platforms ensures you receive the most advanced and effective solutions.
  • Customized Strategies - We pride ourselves on crafting solutions that are powerful and perfectly aligned with your business goals.
  • Future-Proof Solutions - We're always looking ahead, ensuring the technology we implement today sets you up for success tomorrow.
  • Dedicated Support - From strategy through implementation and beyond, we provide comprehensive support to ensure your digital initiatives succeed.

Let TKI Transform Your Business
In a world where technology dictates competitiveness and growth, the right partnerships can unlock extraordinary potential. At TKI, we're not just a service provider; we're your strategic ally in navigating the digital landscape. Reach out to discover how our partnerships with Amazon AWS, Adobe, Databricks, WordPress, Progress Software (Sitefinity), OpenAI, Tableau, and the integration of Google Analytics & GTM can revolutionize your digital strategy and catapult your business to new heights.

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