BrandSrv ™

Empowerment through Technology:
Elevate your brand's impact and uniformity across every marketing platform with our comprehensive brand enablement solution. BrandSrv, merges the power of digital asset management (DAM) with real-time customization and strategic distribution capabilities.

What is Brand Enablement?

Brand enablement is a strategic approach that empowers brands to excel in today's dynamic marketplace by equipping them with the essential tools, technologies, and resources needed to bolster their presence, engage effectively with their audience, and swiftly adapt to changing market trends.

Elements of a cohesive brand experience 

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Our platform empowers marketing teams to craft, personalize, and disseminate branded content effortlessly ensuring unwavering brand consistency. We equip your team with essential tools, resources, and guidelines, meticulously aligning your marketing endeavors with your brand identity. This ensures that every content piece, campaign, and customer engagement authentically reflect your brand's core values, messaging and vision.

Through a centralized hub for all brand assets, guidelines, and best practices, we fortify your brand integrity, boost visibility, and cultivate deeper connections with your target audience, setting a solid foundation for lasting brand loyalty.

  • Omni- Channel Ad Customization

  • Centralized Asset Management 

  • Seamless Integration & Distribution



Feature Highlights

  • Cohesive brand experience

  • Centralized asset & Brand management

  • Single Sign On (SSO) options

  • Targeted messaging

  • Many more..

  • Customized branded themes

  • Real-time localization & Ad creation

  • Gated content

  • Mass versioning

  • Self-service interface

  • Module based architecture for ease of integration

  • Image upload & cropping

  • Automated Resizing

Asset Types

  • Banner

  • Brochure

  • Door/Outlet Hanger

  • Decal

  • Direct Mail (DM) – Letter, Envelope, Forms, Postcard, and more

  • Flyer

  • Guide

  • HTML Email Templates

  • Inserts

  • Job Aids

  • Post Cards

  • PowerPoint

  • Promotional

  • Logos

  • Photography

  • Print Ad - Newspaper, Magazine, Free Standing Insert (FSI), etc.

  • Retail - Counter Card, Flyer, Posters, Take-One, etc.

  • Shared Mail – DAL, Sheets, ValPak, etc.

  • Signage

  • Web Banners

  • Out of Home (OOH) - Vinyl, Digital transit, and more

  • Many more..

Why Partner with TKI for Marketing Automation Development?

  • Customized Solutions for Unique Brands - We believe in a personalized approach. Our team works hand-in-hand with you to create solutions that are a perfect fit for your brand’s vision and goals.
  • Drive Efficiency, Save Time - Automate the mundane, freeing up valuable time and resources. Focus on what really matters
  • Scalable Solutions for Growing Businesses - Our services grow with you. From startups to large enterprises, we provide scalable marketing automation solutions that support and drive your business’s expansion.
  • Informed by Data-Driven Insights - Make smarter, data-backed decisions with our comprehensive analytics and data visualization. Understand user behaviors, and conversion dynamics.

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