media management

Revolutionizing Media Management


Revolutionizing Media Management

Message Trafficking System


Facing numerous challenges due to manual workflow, limitations of legacy systems and lack of integration. Our client grappled with the use of multiple agency and third-party planning and trafficking tools to manage their media management process.


Develop a bespoke platform using a tech-stack that is cloud based and scaleable with real-time integration using API's,  centralized dashboards and automated workflows for media plans and messaging.


  • Collaborative Workshops - We held workshops with stakeholders to understand their needs and insights.
  • Workflow Definition - Document existing workflow and processes used to support  messaging and traffic spot creation, planning and distribution
  • Data Analysis  - Document and analyze over 500 datapoints dispersed across 20 different files and 75 documents to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • Solution Delivery - Develop a cloud based scaleable platform that once matured, can be sold as a SaaS product


  • Deployed in AWS 

  • Latest technology; Core, Angular, FastAPI, SQL RDS

  • DevOps methodology for ease of deployment and testing


The Message Trafficking System (MTS), has transformed the realm of media management by optimizing workflows, enhancing visibility, and maximizing operational efficiency. Developed in collaboration with TKI and its client, MTS has redefined our client's approach to media handling and opened doors to a scalable SaaS offering, AMP, extending benefits industry-wide.

MTS serves as a centralized platform offering a comprehensive view of messaging plans, streamlining digital protocols across over 500 data fields, 75 document types, and an expansive national office network. This pivotal development has not only standardized digital processes but also facilitated a planning-centric calendar for real-time data updates, ensuring seamless integration with the Ad Delivery partners for efficient distribution of traffic instructions.

Our solution removed the need for Excel-based workflows, centralizing data input for broadcasters, media planners, and traffickers from 15 agencies, all through an intuitive web interface.


The creation of MTS exemplifies our commitment to innovation, revealing a roadmap for those looking to empower their media strategies with technology that promises transparency and coherence across multiple channels.

  • Operational Efficiency: MTS eliminated the need for cumbersome XLS workflows, centralizing data entry for all broadcast media planners, agencies, and trafficking resources through a user-friendly web GUI.
  • Document Reduction: Over 75 documents, constituting more than 50% of weekly traffic and media management documents, were eliminated, streamlining processes, and reducing administrative overhead.
  • Time Savings: Manual inputs and dual data entry from divisions were eradicated, leading to an 80% reduction in time burden and freeing up resources for more strategic initiatives.
  • MTS processed over 3,000 total buys and facilitated the creation and trafficking of 15,000+ flights in 2017 alone, marking a significant milestone in Comcast's media management endeavors.
  • Transformation into SaaS: After four years of TKI-managed services, MTS evolved into a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, branded as AMP (Ad Management Platform), which garnered global recognition and adoption.