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Revolutionizing Brand Management


Revolutionizing Brand Management

Marketing Automation


On of the nations largest real estate brands was struggling with deploying their brand relaunch. The absence of centralized support for customized marketing materials at the local level led to disparate branding efforts, undermining brand equity and inflating costs.


Define, design and implement a Distributed Marketing Platform aimed to ensure brand consistency, facilitate knowledge sharing, expedite time to market, enforce brand compliance, and promote asset reusability.


  • Collaborative Workshops - Met with stakeholders to better understand the audience, process gaps, inefficiencies and business requirements.
  • User Journey - Document and define the existing user journeys and task requirements to identify optimum outcomes.

  • Asset Analysis  - Document and define the existing universe of assets in place for over 1,00 franchises across various channels

  • Solution Delivery - Develop a comprehensive and cohesive digital asset platform that offers centralized storage, real-time customization and seamless distribution of localized assets.


  • Cloud based platform built on BrandSrv™
  • Centralized digital storage & distributions system scalable to over 54,000 individual assets used by 110,000 users across 2100 offices

  • Okta integration for Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Accessibility integration for WCAG compliance


In a landmark move, the premier real estate brand in the United States undertook its first significant rebranding initiative in over four decades. With a network comprising more than 2,100 offices and 110,000 agents, the task of brand conversion and launch was proving to be both ineffective and costly. The existing methods were leading to disjointed efforts and escalated localized expenses. Traditional approaches to marketing and brand management were no longer sufficient, resulting in fragmented branding efforts and soaring localized costs.

A comprehensive analysis was subsequently conducted, pinpointing critical assets, prioritizing channels, and identifying areas with the highest risk of resistance to change.

In response, TKI implemented BrandSrv, a distributed marketing platform designed to ensure brand consistency, facilitate knowledge sharing, expedite time to market, enforce brand compliance, and promote asset reusability.


Through deployment of BrandSrv, a Distributed Marketing Automation Platform, TKI enabled the real estate brand to overcome longstanding challenges in brand management and successfully spearhead its most significant rebranding effort in over four decades with unparalleled efficiency. By equipping its extensive network of agents with customized marketing solutions and centralizing its brand and marketing assets, the company has positioned itself for sustained success in the constantly evolving real estate landscape.

  • Standardized product, brand, and legal messaging compliance across the enterprise.
  • Nearly 90% reduction in the brand refresh timeline and scheduled rollout.

  • Complete elimination of versioning and distribution costs for franchises and reduced 60-80% in corporate expenses.
  • Accelerated time to market for marketing materials and assets by 50-75%
  • Increased production output and supported channels despite corporate staff reductions during the Covid pandemic.
  • Automated the creation of all required brand logo outputs, ensuring comprehensive coverage across all requirements.