Modernizing Real Estate Sales with Centralized Tech


Modernizing Real Estate Sales with Centralized Tech

A Real Estate Study


Legacy and disparate sales enablement platforms pose challenges in achieving a consistent user experience that is easily accessible and offer a shallow learning curve for users.


Develop a centralized and integrated technology suite focused on sales enablement and lead generation applications for buyers and sellers.


  • Collaborative Workshops - We held workshops with stakeholders to understand their needs and insights.
  • Prioritizing Challenges - Identify key pain points, document barriers to adoption and document the gaps in the sales process.
  • Lead Generation & Sales Process  - Map the ideal customer acquisition and lead generation process for attracting buyers and sellers.
  • Solution Delivery - Develop a suite of digital marketing applications to optimize lead generation and customer acquisition lifecycle.


  • Real-time presentation builder (site seller) built using Angular material and custom PDF generation engine

  • Predictive algorithms using PySpark, Databricks and MongoDB 

  • Okta integration for Single Sign On (SSO)


In an ever-evolving real estate landscape, staying ahead of the curve is imperative for agents and agencies alike. A market dominant real estate brand recognized this need and partnered with us to develop a centralized and integrated technology suite. This suite revolutionized the selling and buying journey, empowering agents with cutting-edge tools and insights. This case study delves into how the technology suite reshaped the approach to real estate sales and propelled agent success for this brand.

    1. Finding Sellers – Seller Leads: Traditionally, identifying potential sellers relied heavily on reactive methods. However, with the Seller Leads module, agents gained a proactive edge. Leveraging proprietary algorithms, this tool predicts listing prospects even before they express intent to sell, enabling agents to initiate contact first. The result? A significant increase in the success rate of predicting homes entering the market, up by 50% within the first year.
    1. Contacting Prospects – Listing Experience (presentation builder): Once prospects are engaged, providing an unparalleled experience becomes paramount. The presentation builder merges sophisticated pricing capabilities with captivating designs, crafting unique presentations that highlight agents' local expertise. This personalized approach not only impresses prospects but also boosts agent credibility, driving conversion rates three times higher than the industry average.
    1. Listing Appointment and Securing the Listing: Armed with technology-based tools, agents navigate listing appointments with confidence, showcasing their value proposition effectively. The seamless integration of data analytics and personalized insights equips agents to secure listings swiftly and efficiently.
    1. Finding Buyers – Buyer Locator: With listings secured, the focus shifts to attracting buyers. Buyer Locator harnesses big data and demographics to pinpoint potential buyers' origins and preferences. Armed with these insights, agents devise targeted marketing strategies, maximizing property exposure and driving faster sales.
    1. Market and Selling Listing: Throughout the selling process, the centralized technology suite continues to be a guiding force. Agents leverage its capabilities to analyze market trends, adapt strategies, and deliver unparalleled service, ensuring successful transactions for both buyers and sellers.


The brand’s adoption of a centralized and integrated technology suite marks a paradigm shift in real estate sales. By leveraging data aggregation, predictive analytics, and machine learning, agents are equipped with powerful tools to navigate every stage of the selling and buying journey with precision and efficacy. As the industry evolves, the technology suite remains a cornerstone of the brand's commitment to excellence and innovation in real estate sales.

  • 50% increase in predicting homes entering the market within the first year.
  • Seller Leads boasting a conversion rate 3x higher than the industry average.
  • 74% adoption rate of Seller Leads among the brand’s affiliates within 12 months.
  • Confirmed success stories where agents, fueled by the suite, closed over $10 million in sales within 18 months.