Driving Digital Transformation in Home Heating Oil Distribution


Driving Digital Transformation in Home Heating Oil Distribution

Centralized Web Strategy


One of the nation's premier retailers of home heating oil, initiated a multi-brand engagement project to transform their customer acquisition and retention websites into a centralized, scalable, and fully digital content management system (CMS). The transformation focused on improving the customer experience, increasing lead generation, and promoting brand consistency across nine brands using a single admin interface.


In an era of rapid technological progress, traditionally established industries such as home heating oil are engaging in digital transformation. This strategic shift is essential for staying competitive in the marketplace, optimizing lead generation activities and meeting the evolving expectations of consumers through customer journey analysis.


  • Disjointed Digital Footprint - Inconsistent technology platforms limited the ability for standardization.
  • Inconsistent user experience - Decentralized web-strategy and technology platforms limited the ability for a consistent brand experience.
  • Disparate lead systems - Aging technology and lack of integration hindered the ability to capture, define and distribute leads.
  • Limited tracking & measurement - Inconsistent customer journey mapping effected the ability to track and optimize the customer experience.


  • Collaborative Workshops - We held workshops with stakeholders to understand their needs and insights.
  • Prioritizing Challenges - We identified key pain points, focusing on a centralized platform for lead acquisition and improving the customer journey.
  • Mapping Customer Journey - We mapped out the customer's ideal path to purchase, identifying key steps and the best marketing channels.
  • Solution Implementation - Deploy a centralized platform and brand experience using a scalable Content Management System (CMS) to track user interactions and drive conversions.


  • Drive digital transformation by establishing a centralized web platform to unify brand messaging and streamline operations.
  • Define and optimize the customer journey across all touchpoints, from initial awareness to post-service support.
  • Leverage digital tools such as Salesforce integration for enhanced lead generation and sales pipeline management.
  • Enhance customer experience by providing a seamless and standardized web interface across all brand franchises.
  • Implement current customer and bill pay portal to promote customer retention and upgrade opportunities.
  • Implement digital marketing strategies, including SEO, visitor tracking and behavior to increase online visibility and drive organic traffic to the company's digital properties.


Star Group embraced digital transformation by collaborating with senior digital strategists to develop and deploy a centralized content management system (CMS) tailored to its brand franchises. This platform incorporated standardized messaging and branding elements, representing a significant step towards unifying the company's digital presence. The customer journey was carefully mapped out, identifying key touchpoints and opportunities for engagement at each stage, from initial research to post-service feedback. Integration with the Salesforce API enabled automated lead generation and distribution, driving operational efficiency, and optimizing the sales pipeline.  Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics provided continual Customer Experience (CX) adjustments so the client could optimize lead flow and customer journey.

Enhanced Brand Consistency: The centralized web platform facilitated consistent messaging and branding across all brand franchises, reinforcing brand identity and customer trust.

Defined Customer Journey: Mapping out the customer journey allowed Star Group to optimize touchpoints and deliver personalized experiences at each stage, resulting in increased acquisition, engagement, and satisfaction.

Improved Lead Generation: Integration with Salesforce streamlined lead generation processes, resulting in quicker prospect interaction, increased sales opportunities, and revenue growth.

Elevated Customer Experience: The standardized web interface and centralized information hub improved customer engagement and satisfaction, leading to higher retention rates and positive brand sentiment.

Increased Online Visibility: The implementation of SEO strategies drove organic traffic to the website, expanding the company's online reach and visibility within target markets.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: The implementation of online account management and bill pay expanded customer communication and interaction with the brands.


Star Group's centralized web strategy represents a significant milestone in its digital transformation journey, demonstrating the company's commitment to leveraging digital technologies to drive operational efficiency and enhance customer experience. By defining and optimizing the customer journey, Star Group has been able to deliver personalized experiences that resonate with customers at every touchpoint, increasing engagement and loyalty. Through strategic investments in digital capabilities, companies like Star Group can future-proof their businesses and thrive in an increasingly digital landscape.