Improving Online Sales and Lead Generation: A Telecom Case Study


Improving Online Sales and Lead Generation

A Telecom Case Study


We partnered with a global media and technology leader to boost online sales and target the small office/home office (SOHO) market. Combining our expertise with insights from the client's team, we developed a practical plan to engage customers and expand market reach.


Our client, a major cable television company and telecommunications provider, aimed to grow its presence in the small to medium-sized business sector. However, lacking tailored marketing strategies, online tools, and a dedicated sales force posed challenges to achieving their growth goals.


  • Limited Focus - Current marketing efforts focused on residential customers, overlooking the SOHO market's potential.
  • Tracking Issues - Inadequate tools made it hard to track leads and implement effective sales strategies.
  • Resource Constraints - Internal limitations hindered the creation of business-specific content and sales processes.


  • Collaborative Workshops - We held workshops with stakeholders to understand their needs and insights.
  • Prioritizing Challenges - We identified key pain points, focusing on lead acquisition and improving the customer journey.
  • Mapping Customer Journey - We mapped out the customer's ideal path to purchase, identifying key steps and the best marketing channels.
  • Custom Solutions - We developed a digital marketing plan and a scalable Content Management System (CMS) to track user interactions and drive conversions.

Actions Taken

  • Process Optimization - We analyzed and improved the existing residential buy-flow to better target business customers.
  • Tailored Development - We created custom solutions for a business-focused website and sales process, integrated with Salesforce and Eloqua.
  • Content and Creative Services - We developed content strategies and redesigned creative assets, testing different approaches to engage users.
  • Continuous Innovation - We introduced new initiatives, like a multi-touch attribution model and call tracking, to boost leads and reduce costs.


Our client embraced a modernized approach to lead generation by collaborating with senior TKI digital strategists to develop and deploy a centralized content management system (CMS) tailored toward customer acquisition, retention, and upgrade of existing services.

The platform incorporated a measurable digital sales funnel with channel-based tracking and measurement. The customer journey was carefully mapped out, identifying key touch-points and opportunities for engagement at each stage, from initial research to post-service feedback.

Integration with the Eloqua and Salesforce API enabled automated lead generation and distribution, driving operational efficiency, and optimizing the sales pipeline. Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics provided continual Customer Experience (CX) adjustments so the client could optimize lead flow and customer journey.

Improved Lead Generation: Integration with Eloqua and Salesforce streamlined lead generation processes, resulting in quicker prospect interaction, increased sales opportunities, and revenue growth.

Elevated Customer Experience: The standardized web interface and centralized information hub improved customer engagement and satisfaction, leading to higher retention rates and positive brand sentiment.

Increased Online Visibility: The implementation of SEO strategies drove organic traffic to the website, expanding the company's online reach and visibility within target markets.


By focusing on customer needs and implementing practical solutions, we achieved significant growth in online sales and lead generation. These results demonstrate our commitment to driving real business growth and establishing leadership in the telecom industry.

  • Sales Growth: Achieved a 22X increase in online sales, with over 2.5 million domestic business customers acquired by 2023.
  • Innovations: Cut cost-per-lead by 30% and increased leads by 40%, setting industry standards.
  • Trusted Partner: Helped transition platform management to internal teams, ensuring sustained growth.
  • Ongoing Improvement: Redesigned the website and improved navigation, resulting in a 50% increase in qualified leads.